From 22/05/2019 to 29/05/2019 in Valmiera, in the guest house „Gaujas Priedes”, successfully organized „Business to business” youth exchange organized by the Latvian Association for Youth Activists, 36 participants from Latvia, Poland, Ireland , Greece, Romania and Spain became familiar with entrepreneurship and the growth opportunities it offers. Intercultural education and dialogue are important components of non-formal education. It promotes the elimination of stereotypes concerning nationality and social belonging, focusing on issues of European Union interest, such as youth participation, unemployment, healthy lifestyles, intercultural education and European citizenship. During the project, young people not only got to know the culture and traditions of the Member States as well as Latvia’s nature and the Valmiera region, they also worked on common business ideas and discussed topics such as gender equality, youth support programs and future plans.   During the visit to the Valmiera Business and Innovation Incubator, participants learned about its opportunities and supported projects. During the meeting, the young people shared their experiences of previously known entrepreneurship support programs in the participating countries and sought new initiatives that fit their plans. Thanks to senior project manager Juris Čeičis for the hospitable welcome, the knowledge and the answers provided!   At Valmiera Youth Center Vinda, project participants met Dominik Achternbosch from Germany, who has come to Latvia as a volunteer within the framework of the European Solidarity Corps. During the meeting, the young people asked Dominic some important questions that aroused their interest in participating in this type of exchange program in the future.   Thanks to Valmiera for the hospitality and participation in the project!   More information about the project can be found at:   The international youth exchange project is supported and funded by the European Union program Erasmus +: Youth in Action. Partner organizations involved in the project: Latvian Association for Youth Activists (LATVIA) EURO-MEDITERRANEAN ASSOCIATION OF EXCHANGES VOLUNTEERING EVENTS POLSKA (POLAND) EURO-MEDITERRANEAN ASSOCIATION OF EXCHANGES VOLUNTEERING EVENTS IRELAND LIMITED (IRELAND) ASOCIATIA GEYC (ROMANIA) ENVIRONMENT ONLINE -GREECE ASTIKI MMI KERDOSKOPIKI ETAIRIA (GREECE) EuroMueveTe (SPAIN)