Youth exchange experience in Malaga 2018. #designyourjob #erasmusplus #youthexchange #malaga #lanoria #spain From the very beginning of the project we have been very engaged in every activity we had the pleasure to take part in. After getting to know each other through various teambuilding activities we started our journey with a variety of projects. In order to be prepared for the projects we were briefly introduced the following definitions: entrepreneurship, digital entrepreneurship, youth unemployment green entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, non-formal education. Divided into international team each group had to prepare specific concepts involving design thinking, create a prototype and evaluate it before presenting it in front of the rest of the participants. There were some aspects that were still unknown for us like Stanford and Canvas model which can be implemented in our future education and career. Each day gave us new opportunities to build international relations with people from different European countries. A great example of it was the intercultural night that enabled us to get familiar with the cultures, customs and traditions of the other participants. After busy days in LaNoria we had a chance to explore one of the most beautiful Spanish city MALAGA. The magic of the place cannot be compared to anything else. Let’s have a look at our photos and enjoy! J.B.