“Love Speech Ambassadors” – a youth exchange organized under Erasmus+ programme took part in Malaga between 15th and 23rd of January 2017. The participants came from 7 countries: Macedonia, Spain, Poland, Greece, Czech Republic, Sweden and Romania. They were asked several questions to evaluate their experience. This is what we came with. What are your impressions on the workshops organized by each national team? One of the most important things during the project was taking the opportunity to participate. Waking up early ain’t easy so we had some difficulties with being on time. Each country had to focus on one of the topics: inter-religious dialogue, cyber bullying, social media, discrimination, critical thinking, human rights and gender equality. Starting with a less serious note – with an energizer – was a great way to keep each of the participants present, awake, focused and ready to work. My favourite workshop was about the human rights organized  by Swedish team. Firstly, we talked about the definition of this term and then we were divided into the groups and had to make a theatre of the oppressed. I loved this way of exploring the topic because it makes you bring up the real examples of violating the human rights, maybe share your experiences. I loved how involved participants found creative ways of making it interesting for the audience. The workshops were also an amazing way to see different points of view depending on the country the people come from – it gives you a different perspective, you start realizing that we might be from the other side of the continent but we’re still all the same, we deserve same things and rights. Basically the whole conclusion of the workshops was – spread the Love Speech around the world, in the country you live and make this planet a better place with people that respect each other – weather it’s in social media or real life. Also we’ve learned that besides being only respectful – the most important thing is to react to the Hate Speech. You shouldn’t be an audience – all of us have a power to change things and workshops were a great opportunity to discuss the ways we can fight with discrimination, homophobia or intolerance etc. Ania, Poland   Can you share some moments from your free-time in this youth exchange? The safe space created during the Youth Exchange “Love Speech Ambassadors” taking place in Malaga is also reflected on our free time outside the planned activities and workshop sessions. Everyone is sharing personal stories, tooth pastes, hairdryers, towels, games, walks in the city, few hours of sleep, moving experiences from daily life around different countries in Europe, music of the world, dancing moves, food and drinks on the streets of Malaga with high spirit and open mindedness. In such space is easy to immerse yourself in a mix of cultures, languages, different age groups forgetting all senses and needs of belonging to one specific category. No one was feeling uneasy to stay silent, to ask and be asked, or uncomfortable for not being able to speak perfect English. They all talk freely their thoughts on sex, gender, style, relationships, prejudices, discrimination and beyond. I learned about different dialects in Spain. For example in Andalusia people when they speak their language make shorter phrases compared to the north and it helps when they have limited time to explain or when they are in danger. I listened to Macedonian rap music and I was introduced to their brilliant handball team. I learned that in Greece there is a crazy spot where the only woman allowed to enter was Jesus’ mother. I learned about Romanian schools and that the only car brand they have is “Dacia”. I played Polish roulette game and got to know about Georgian beautiful landscapes and wine. The taxi driver who drove us to Malageta beach offered a free historical guide of the city. She was an impressive knowledgeable woman with a great sense of freedom and humour. All the people working in the venue „La Noria” where we are staying are joyful and helpful. They never get tired of greeting at any time we cross each other. Now is the break time. People are on the favourite bench in the garden playing guitar and improvising songs. The weather is heavenly nice, the temperature signs 21 degrees and it feels like an early summer day even though is the 21st of January. Erika, Sweden     Would you recommend Erasmus+ programme to your friends? There is only one answer to this question. I am sure I will take part in another youth exchange. “Love Speech Ambassadors” project is one of the best experiences in my life. Being with other youngsters from so many different countries is a great opportunity to learn, understand and have fun at the same time! I am really happy to be here. Non-formal education is cool! Learning by doing, role playing, discussing – these is what I like and what doesn’t make me feel tired. And working in international teams makes this week much more interesting. Can you imagine how many things you can actually learn from the others?! You get to know situations in different countries, new points of view and what I like the most – you learn some words in new languages. It makes the life easier when you are abroad. One word said in the local language can open so many doors : ) But this is not everything. You can also see what kind of beliefs the people have, how they behave, what their interests are… So if you ask me if I want to participate one more time in a project like this, I will say YES! Because these are the moments I want to experience again and again… What is more, I really want to share my experience about Erasmus+. I think every young person should take part in a youth exchange. That is why, I am going to promote this project and Erasmus+ programme in my local community. For me making a presentation in the local high school will take one hour. For someone else this one hour could be a life changing experience so I think it is not a matter of willing to promote E+ but it’s my obligation!   Marta, Poland